Saturday, September 20, 2008

How would you like to earn 20% off Reg Price purchases all the time?

You may ask what? Basically anyone joining my team by 9-26 will receive a 20%* discount on regular price purchases all the time. *The only catch is you need to maintain your monthly purchase of $100 through your own site name. This is an exciting new ecommerce business that is going to make us totally financially independant. Basically, everytime you shop online from over 600 retailers you can earn cash back on those purchases. Many stores such as Target, Walmart, HSN, Home Depot, GiftCertificates .com and many many more. You can view the complete list at and scroll through the list of retailers. Each retailer offers you cash back on your purchases. If we all recruit just 2 people to work toward this goal together and everyone meets there purchase committment from by the end of 1 year we could easily be making 15k-25k per month. Times are tough right now and I for one could certainly use extra money.
This works 2 different ways. Website owner $349-this way you just get your own website and you earn cash back on your purchases as well as anyone who shops through your website.
The other way is becoming a Broker $449 and this is where you not only earn cash back from your purchases but you earn points from those below you which turn into cash as well. The stores Design team Coordinator met some high achieving goals in her first month and scored a $4100 check. I have not been as agressive in searching for more than 2 people up till now and have earned almost $600 in my first 6 weeks with the company. That is the beauty with this. You can work as little or as much as you want over an above getting 2 people just as excited and willing to committ to their monthly purchase as you.
I know it seems confusing and yes it is a form of multi level marketing. However, the largest difference I have found is the fact that you only have to get 2 people. Most others you have to personally continue to get new people as long s you want to make money. This company is totally different. It allows you to actually help your team achieve goals. If you have you 2 people and you have a friend who joined struggling to get 2 you can help them get someone it will always help you and the points you earn all roll upward. As long as everyone is committed to their $100 monthly purchase of earth friendly green products ie: shampoo, cleaners, toilet paper , Atkins, belly bars and so many more things, we will all be sitting pretty.
However, since my store is not an online store you are unable to earn cash back from Scrapbook Central online. However, I have decided to reward those that join my team with a 20% off of regular price items all the time. As long as you have met your purchase each month. We as women can empower ourselves to achieve this goal. Most of us do some type of online shopping and especially with the holidays coming that could be tons of cash back. I myself told my family to go through my site to purchase gift cards for my middle daughter. It gave her a Giftcard and me cash back. It is a win win situation.
The steps to learn more that is the least confusing is you can go to:
click my account in the top right corner
click overview in the top right corner of this page (there is a video or you can scroll below the video and click see how it works)this will enable you to go step by step through the process to see in black and white how easy it will be to achieve this amazing income in 12 mos or less. Rich Soviero is a pinting contractor and joined the company April 9 and has made over $150k since that date. Yes, I have actually seen his bank statements.

This is a win win- you get on track to earning $1000's per month and in the meantime save 20% on your purchases. For many of yout his savings alone would pay for your fee to join as a broker.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone at 954-675-8146

This is a limited time offer good until 9-26. Remember, the sooner you join the sooner you will begin making money.

It is hard to clearly explain it all in a blog. It is the most innovative ecommerce business I have ever seen that works!
There are conference calls and webinars daily that will walk you through a presentation right online. If you are interested just email or call me and I will begin forwarding the links for them.


Friday, September 19, 2008

New Products and MORE!

We have received in so many new products from CHA summer: We just received all the embellishments for Basic Grey-Ambrosia, Eva, Offbeat including the all new Milk Chocolate, White Chocaolate and Special Dark Chocolate chipboard alphas. As well as Milk and dark Chocolate in chip albums. A beautiful line from SEI called Windsor is perfect for those Heritage or wedding pages.
Tons and Tons of Fiskars including: Kimberly Poloson, Lil Davis, Heidi Grace, Fiskars and Cloud 9. We are working diligently to get it all put out. This is only a little of the new stuff. Much of the My Minds Eye is selling quickly. I almost forgot most of the new Tim Holtz Ideology products have arrived.
We will try to keep everything updated in the forums as items get put out. No doubt we will forget something.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are back from CHA!

Here are some pics from the show. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chicago - Day 2

Hey Ladies.....So the 1st day at the show totally ROCKED! Lots of brand spankin' new goodies to choose from. The products this show are amazing - we are seeing alot of new fun stuff that we think you will all love.

Basic Grey has done it once again - there stuff was awesome! Very beautiful colors in typical Basic Grey style.

Maya Road has some seriously gorgeous chipboard albums that we thin you will absolutely love.

Tinkering Ink - all we can say is Super Fun and colorful - the designs are bright and bold and a xacto knifes dream! They also came out with a new product called Beadles....uhmmmmm all we can say is OH WHAT FUN!

Little Yellow Bicycle rocked....The Halloween line is FANTASTIC. The Valentines line - LOVERLY. The Christmas Line - OH JOY!

Bo-Bunny - Simply STUNNING!

Fancy Pants - Daily Grind, Happy Holidays & All Fall, and new Glitter usual GORGEOUS!

So needless to say we think you guys will LOVE all the new stuff. We will be taking some more pics....we had three cameras and managed to burn out the batteries on all three and fill the cards!

Check back for new pics. Here are a few pics from dinner Friday night at Gibsons and then we went backto opur hotel and hung out at the bar for a little while a chatted with Tim Holtz and few others from the show. Enjoy you day and we will be back with more pics from the show!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Greetings from Chicago!!!!

Well we made it to Chicago (safely I might add..)! And what a BUSY first day we had.....We got into Chicago around 1:00 and our 1st stop was Fiskars for their preview party at 2:15...Yes we basically were flying by the seat of our pants....then it was off to Tim Holtz's class at 3:00 - which needless to say we were the LAST ones to walk in....PS...the class rocked! Then from there we went downstairs in the convention center for a great spread...Every local restaurant was there serving food - Gibson's Steakhouse, Girodanos, Gino's East and about 20 more...It was ALL good. From there we raced out to the Creative Imaginations Preview Party - again...super cool stuff. We ordered a TON of stuff fromthem - I've posted some product pics on the forums for you guys to check out. So needless to say we still were not done...we then ran to another hotel for the SEI Preview party....all I can say is WOW! There stuff is beautiful! Unfortunately alot of the product was is prototype form and we didn't get to see alot of the actual product - but it STILL looked amazing!

So that was our 1st day here....Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!! So keep checking back we will have loads of new pics for you guys are a few random shots from today!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Me, teach a Class? lol

Ok you can all stop laughing now. I took today off and am cleaning house and doing laundryso I can go to girls night out and not feel guilty. We are going to see Sex and the City after the store closes. Beyond that I woke up this mornign and suddenly had a thought. I seem to always get one project a year done and it always seems to be a swatch for some line of product we carry. I have gotten really good at them. I decided that would be the one thing I could facilitate and not have people leave screaming. lol I got the computer going and filled out the form needed to teach a class at the store. Yes I know, I own the place but owner or employee there are guidelines to be followed and people to be accountable to. After speaking with Andrea(the Education Director for those that do not know) I put together the form and description and off it went in an email. I have decided to start a series of classes called Swatch Mania. What this means is that in each class we will create swatch tags for a particular product. Maybe you have 3 crackle paints but you woudl get if you knew the dried color actually matched your project. Whether you have all of them and do not want to open till you need it or are looking at getting some but want to make sure you truly like the color then these classes are perfect. In the case of Crackle Paint you will leave the class with 24 tags showcasing all the colors fo crackle paint on a ring. We will repeat this same concept for Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Dabber Paint, Cats Eyes, Dew Drops, Brilliance, Ranger Pigment Ink, Adirondack Pads and more. No more buying a product only to get home and find it truly does not match. The first class will be offered July 12th. So watch the event page of the website for further details. Also, if there is a particular swatch you are looking at creating email me. I will do it by popular vote.
That was my bright idea for the weekend. I am off to feed my crew and finish with the chores.

Happy Scrapping

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Greetings from Arlington Texas

Hi All,

Andrea and I are in Arlington, Texas. We just completed are last day of the Great American Scrapbook Convention. It was a HUGE consumer show. There were tons of people. Our booth was filled to the max with Inque Boutique. They have the most amazing products at such a reasonable cost. With the help of Chris and Tammy we got through the show and are now officially exhausted. A HUGE Thank You goes out to Monica of Stamp Asylum in Texas. Her and her crew were the most amazing people. They were such a blessing to deal with. First, Monica agreed to take our gridwall and then her and her crew helped break down our booth and pack it up. The people in Texas were amazing and we look forward to coming back again next year.

Now we are done and everything is packed up to go home. We head back tomorrow night and then jump right into the next event. We have decided to attend CKC Ft Lauderdale the 20-21st of June. We will take Inque Boutique, Stampers Anonymous and Ranger. I just cannot seem to sit still and keep filling our plate with more events and functions. For now we are exhausted and sleeping in tomorrow before we have to check out of the hotel.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend with Tim!

Well the weekend has come to an end and to say the least I have never been so tired in my life. My goal of the weekend was to make Tim feel welcomed to Scrapbook Central and South Florida. We wanted to treat him to a style that is only fitting of a man of his calliber, talent and graciousness. I was also honored to meet Mario. What a down to earth guy. He was an absolute pleasure to spend time with during the trip.

We started his trip by picking him up from the airport in a stretch limo and returned to the store. The plane was a little early so we arrived at the store and began setting the room for the next days classes while we waited to begin the Meet n Greet at 6. The store was hustling with people anxious to meet the man himself. The man most of us were dying to meet and just be in the prescence of someone with such an amazing personality, creativeness and overall amazing human being. We had some T-shirts made up and Tim was signing away and chatting wth everyone throughout our time together. We still have some shirts if anyone is interested.
The limo picked us up and we went to the most amazing restaurant to eat call Chima in Ft Lauderdale. It is a Brazilian steakhouse on Las Olas. The food and atmosphere was so great. We probably all ate way to much.

I will update on the rest of the weekend later. I have had such little sleep and we leave for Texas Wed am for a show.

Night for now.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ranger on the Road-Tim Holtz

Well ladies,
The time is almost here Tim and Mario arrive on Friday. I will pick them up and come straight to the store for our Meet N Greet. Tim is the most amazing, humble individual I have ever known. We are feverishly preparing for the visit trying to make sure we have the store set up and product all neat and tidy. On Tuesday we have 119 boxes comign from Ranger. This does not include the boxes from, Prima, Tonic and more arriving with Tims products. A newsletter went out the other day with class times and info pertaining the the store and visit. The store will open for class attendees at 8:45 so they can get seated for their 9am class. The store will open it regular time at 10am as well as 10 on Sunday. Please be patient as we only have 2 registers and will have 100's of people in the store throughout the weekend. We are going to have so much fun!

Once we get through that whirlwind weekend Andrea and I catch a plane on Wednesday for Texas and the Great American Scrapbook Convention where we have a booth filled to the brim with Inque Boutique product. Anyone who knows me I do not know how to stop or slow down. I add as much as I can to my plate. In the end it is always worth it.

On the home front I have to tell you it has been a journey of challenges lately. Most of you know my 3 children. Well Lexi the oldest was asking why we moved from our old home when she was born. We talked and I explained we wanted to have more children etc. She asked why we did Not just have 2 children. I replied because then we would not have Kennedy. She politely and straight faced replied why can't we just get rid of Carrington. Lexi and Carrington although 22 mos apart are like oil and water. Lexi believes she was meant to be an only child. Bless her heart. I am sure it will get better as they get older. It amazes me some of the things the kids say.

Kennedy was picked up from school Friday and was located in of all places the Principals office. My docile sweet little boy who is only 2 and a half and only recently started talking told his teacher to shut up. Now anyone who knows me well knows in our home this is a bad word and is Never spoken. How might you ask did he learn such a word. School. Amazing what comes back to bite them in the butt.

I am off 3 whole days since we are closed Monday for Memorial Day I am relaxing. Kids are all going to visit grandma tomorrow and Steve and I are spending the afternoon and evening at home relaxing alone. I am so looking forward to that. Well enough on my oh so boring life. Will chat more later in the week.


Monday, May 5, 2008

National Scrapbook 3 Day Weekend

All I can say ladies is OMG. We had such a fab time this weekend. We had a second crop room open to accomodate everyone and had 70 ladies milling around and cropping and having a great time over the 3 days.
We also had Find your Groove author Kitty Foster in the house Friday night and Saturday. She is the most awesome person. What a fun time everyone had with her. She taught a really great accordian album class. Everyone that took the class loved the project.
We took some really fun photos we will be posting.
Everyone loved there Welcome Gift which was a We R Memory Keepers Cutting System. The food was catered by The owner of the Coconut Creek Tap house and we had rave reviews.
We received in tons of new product on Thursday and Friday and the say the least it flew right out of the boxes. The new Sandylion products were awesome. Kelly Pannacci, Disney, Baby Girl and Boy and more.
We have more all new Creative Imaginations products arriving today I believe. Yeah for us.
Of course I am fighting a cold and am lacking motivation to even opne boxes. It is like being sick on Xmas.
I am getting Tammy to post the pics later. I just have to email them to her.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Ranger Road Trip Winner!!!!

If you have not kept up with the blog or emails Scrapbook Central won the Ranger Roadtrip contest. We won a visit from Tim Holtz. YEAH US!!!!
The classes sold out in record time and we now have a wait list! Please contact the store to go on the wait list for whichever class you would like.
We originally had a meet n greet set up from 5-7 on Friday May 30. This is being modified just a bit to accomodate air travel. Please keep in mind none of us has control over the airlines. Presently the meet n greet will be from 6-8 instead of 5-7 on May 30th.
If you did not receive the email please contact the store if you are interested in ordering a T-shirt. We will have a feminine cut non v neck and a standard t-shirt available. They will be in natural color to accomodate the image we chose.
If you have been dying to get some of Tim's products and they always seem to be sold out when you visit. Please send us your wish list. We will have every available in stock item in the store that weekend.
Looking forward to seeing you all!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tim Holtz Info

As many of you know we won the Ranger Designer on the Road contest and are honored to have Tim Holtz comign to the store to teach. Here are the details for the trip. Registration will open Wed March 26th at 9pm online and in store Thursday at 10am.

The moment you all have been waiting for!
We have the RULES, class description, schedule and fee information for Tim's upcoming visit. This gives you a chance to decide what classes you will want to register for. Registration will open online Wednesday March 26th at 9pm or in person beginning Thursday morning at 10am. Registrations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA TELEPHONE.
One week after registrations open we will begin taking phone registrations. However, this is subject to change!
-Classes are non-refundable and payable in full at time of registration.
-You will receive an email confirmation within 7 days.
-We will host an informal Meet n' Greet at the store Friday May 30 from 5p-7p.
-All supplies are provided for Tim's classes. No totes, roller bags, or large purses will be allowed in the crop room.(this is store request not Tim's) If one is brought, you will be asked to lock these items in your car and we take no responsibility for lost or stolen items. If anyone is caught taking class product supplies they will be asked to leave immediately and no refund or kits will be issued for any classes registered. This includes everything in the classes like tools, paints, adhesive etc.
-Please read each class description when you register to make sure no changes have been made to the description before you sign up.
-Class size is limited.
-We are having T-shirts printed using artwork from Tim. The T-shirt fee will be disclosed in the class descriptions at the time of registration and they will be for sale at the event. If you know you would like to purchase a T-shirt, note that AND the size you want in the comments section when registering for classes. This fee will also be charged at the same time as class fees.
-If you sign up for multiple classes the fee will be charged in one lump sum to one credit card. If you are using more than one credit card you must contact the store ASAP and advise or all fees will be charged to the first credit card in the computer.
-Anyone coming to all 6 classes will receive a FREE T-shirt
-please note the size in the comments section.
Please, read all guidelines in the registration signup to avoid any misunderstandings.
Enough with the rules- here are the classes and info!!!!
workshop selections & schedule

Saturday – May 31st, 2008 “Generation Grunge” $65 9:00am-12:00noon *includes all supplies
Got grungeboard and don’t know what to do with it? Then this workshop is for you! Explore what makes this innovative product so versatile and fun to work with. We will incorporate inks, paints, embellishments, and a variety of tools including the Texture Hammer to really show you how to create with grungeboard. Create and very “grungy” mini book filled with elements you create yourself from grungeboard. It’s a new world and a new generation – generation grunge that is… (*note: this is not the same project as the CKU workshop with this title.)

“Charmed Possessions” $65 1:30pm-4:30pm *includes all supplies
Step into a whimsical world of tiny treasures, charms, and colorful game pieces. Learn techniques on colorizing dominoes using the Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Metallic Mixatives and Blending Solution to create a variety of backgrounds. Accent and layer with metal charms, objects, and ephemera creating dimensional jewelry pieces. Tap into your artistic visions and create your charmed possessions…

“Nostalgic Memoirs” $75 6:00pm-9:30pm *includes all supplies
Create a hand-made journal to treasure your nostalgic memoirs, photos, and secret thoughts. You will discover the art of book binding with a simple stitch that will have you on your way to mastering this craft. We will explore waxing collage on canvas for the covers, distressing with inks, and unique hardware assemblage. This technique can be used to create various sized books from just about anything once you learn the tricks of the trade…

Sunday – June 1st, 2008

“Words & Windows” $65 9:00am-12:00noon *includes all supplies
Layer your thoughts, words, and images behind translucent layers in this one of a kind mini book. Discover the many uses for fragments and transparencies to create a journal filled with your most treasured memoirs. Learn distressing with paints, painting with alcohol inks, and layered collage as you embark on assembling and embellishing this dimensional see through book. Explore the possibilities and take a peek into the words and windows of your world…

“Distress-a-Palooza” $65 1:30pm-4:30pm *includes all supplies
Finally, a workshop with nothing but distress, and I mean EVERYTHING distress! See for yourself how incredible this unique product line is. You’ll learn the basics on how Distress Inks, Distress Embossing Powders, and Distress Crackle Paint all work together. We’ll create a one of a kind distressed mosaic mirror with a variety of found objects and trinkets to adorn it. Get ready to distress-a-palooza!!!

“Paradise Found” $75 6:00pm-9:30pm *includes all supplies
Imagine yourself drifting away to a far off place known only in your mind as paradise. In this workshop you will create a nostalgic canvas using a variety of mediums including Distress Crackle Paint, Beeswax, Pigment Powders, Embossing Enamels, and more. You will learn techniques on wax collage, distressed painting techniques, creating dimension sand, and mixed media embellishing as you design and assemble this creative art piece reminiscent of a sea-side village. So, are you needing an escape from reality - get ready to settle in to paradise found... Class Samples will not be available till the end of April

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrapsimmee 2008 and Cruise Info

We are hosting Scrapsimmee Spring 2008. Registration will close March 14th for this event.

Scrapsimmee Spring 2008

When: Thursday April 17- Sunday April 20

New Location: Clarion Resort and Water park

2261 E. Irlo Bronson Hwy.(Hwy 192)
Kissimmee, FL, US, 34744-4905

(407) 846-2221
You will be able to receive a group rate on the hotel. However, the attendee will make reservations for hotel. When calling the hotel for reservations advise you are with the Scrapsimmee Group Rate.
The only charge you will be paying Scrapbook Central for is the event ticket only.
Since the location change we only have room for 60 people this time. I would recommend securing your space sooner than later. The average attendee number has been 75.

You will have 4 event ticket options this time:
Thursday 10am - Sunday 4pm =$179
Thursday 4pm – Sunday 4pm = $159
Friday 10am – Sunday 4pm = $134
Friday 4pm – Sunday 4pm = $109

Your event ticket includes:

Event ticket you choose
Welcome gift TBD
6ft of cropping space
Use of Computer and Wide format printer for journaling
Cricut Machine and cartridges (you purchase your own mat) will be available

This hotel has been totally renovated and has a mini water park right outside the conference room doors. The hotel rooms are also very nice. We are working on trying to get some food included in the above rates and will advise you once this has been determined. We do not want to include anything that would raise the above prices

Payment and Cancellation Policies:
*$50 Non-Refundable Deposit due upon registration
*If not already paid in full the balance will be charged on the credit card provided at registration on March 15. No additional notice will be given prior to the charge.
*No refunds given after March 14th

Creative MemoriesHilltop Memories


Crop and Cruise - 8/30/2008 - Free
Price shows zero as you register and pay through the travel agent not this website!

August 30 - September 6 , 2008

7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise
On Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas

Leaving from Miami, Florida and sailing to Labadee, Haiti; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Maarten.
Plus there are 3 Crop Days at Sea!!

Offering:Lots of Crop Time - Crop room will be open 24/7!

Goodie Bag Prizes & Giveaways & More!
Some class will be included:

Classes may be offered for an additional fee. More details to come.
Cabin options:

1st & 2nd Passengers:Inside (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $659 per person

Promenade View (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $739 per person

Ocean View (Deck 2): $899 per person

Balcony (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $1049 per person

3rd & 4th Passengers: Not all cabin categories will hold 3rd & 4th passengers.For details and current rates, call 1-800-645-1481

Single Passengers: Call for current rates.

Croppers: add $200 for the conference participant fee.

Rates include your cruise & port charges. Government taxes and a fuel surcharge are additional at $79.87 pp.

Rates are based on double occupancy, are subject to change and are based on availability.

Travel Insurance is optional (Details on Travel Guard travel Insurance: Document of Coverage & Reference Guide).

Dining:Passengers have the choice between Main Dining at 6:15 p.m. or Second Dining at 8:30 p.m.

Deposit per cabin: $500 Rates are good through April 30, 2008. After this date, rates are subject to change.

Final payments will be due by June 11, 2008. Ready to Book?

When you are ready to book go

2008 Crops Posted

I finally got some time and was able to post the crops for the remainder of 2008. It seemed easier to do it and get it done than not give people enough time to plan and arrange for babysitters etc. The crops are filling at record speed. We did change some rules and crop refunds for cancellations suring the grace period are done in store credit now. As before if you cancel after the deadline the fee is forfeited. The 3 day crops now require 2 day attendance to register. 2 weeks before the crop is there is any space left we will open it up to people who want to attend just 1 day. Call the store to go ont he wait list.
Don't forget to watch your email newsletter as we will be sending out class information on teh Tim Holtz classes this month. Then 1 week from that email registration will open online. Make sure when registering for crops or classes you do not put in any apostrophe's, hyphens or anything other than letters. It will cause an error and will not register you. The Tim class registrants will receive a confirmation email showing the amount being charged, classes chosen etc. If you do not receive this email you are NOT registered and need to register or followup with the store ASAP. Make sure to bring this with you the day of your class. Thsi will insure no mixup's occur.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well we are back from CHA in Cali! We survived the VERY long flight back from Cali - even with the child who was 2 rows behind us making this squealing noise almost the ENTIRE flight! Oh...did I mention that the flight was 5 hours...yeah were tired!

So in a nut shell our week went a little like this...

We arrived Friday the 8th at about 10:45 p.m. Cali time. We checked into our hotel and pretty much called it a night.....we needed much rest after our nightmare shuttle bus ride that we posted about earlier....

Saturday we got up had a great breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel they had a really great buffet...we enjoyed the quite relaxing breakfast without kids! Then it was off to preview parties for a few companies...our 1st stop was Fiskars/Heidi Grace/Cloud 9 - there stuff was really great this year - I think you all will totally love it! After that our next stop was Creative Imaginations - They rock. We were lovin' all their stuff this year. They have some really kickin' bare elements stuff this year - I am totally lovin' this stuff! There paper lines were just as great - Everyone is gonna love the Tide Pools line....very cool.

Our last stop for the night was SEI - cute cute cute stuff! There baby lines Chicka-Dee and Chicka-Doo are AWESOME!!!!! This has to be the cutest line I have to dig out all of the baby pics and use this line! Yeah like I dont have enough current pics! And they have a new line coming out (I dont think its available until May) but its's called Poppy! If you liked Jolie Chocolat - this will be right up your alley!

And the Sunday it stated...CHA began...we got giddy just pulling up to the front of the convention center and seeing the big huge CHA sign. Then we jumped in with both feet......booth after booth of amazing new stuff....making out hearts go a pitter patter! Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Inque Boutique, Fancy Pants.....and more. And we continued this for 4 days straight!

But what a great fun, inspiring week! It's always so amazing to see all the awesome layouts and projects that have been created for CHA! They just rock! You come away from the show wanting to be just like them and create wonderful pieces of art! That being said I think you all will be pretty pleased with the wonderful products that we will be bringing into the store...I know I am!

Weve been posting pics for you all to check out to get an idea of what we will soon have. Over the next few days we will post more pics - we took 614 all together! Wowza! That was alot of pics...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We met Tim!

Photobucket" border="0" alt="" />

Yep...we met him....super nice. And we got a chance to chit chat about his upcoming visit to Scrapbook Central!!!!!!!!! What a nice guy and a super uber creative! He has a boat load of awesome classes in store for us in May. So keep your eyes open for when the classes get posted. Here are some pics of our new bud Tim!
The weather here in Cali is spectacular.... Its so nice without the humidity. The nights are a bit chilly -but nice.

So weve been making the trek through CHA and the products are amazing as usual. They have really stepped up the plate this season and come out with great stuff. They've also come out with ALOT of boy lines. We were totally lovin' that. And the boy lines are fun and fresh.

Weve seemed to finally have found a couple of wedding lines to bring in and a few new doggie lines. And TONS of new boy/girl baby lines. It seems that all the companies have come out with super cute new baby lines. SEI's new baby line Chicka Dee and Chicka Doo are so stinkin' cute...I think that may have been our favorite.

Amongst all the CHA shopping weve done we had the pleasure of meeting Ali Edwards - Ok everything you've heard is true....She's great, sweet, friendly and SOOOOOO easy to talk with. Andrea was kind enough to introduce us and we chatted for a few minutes and took some pics. Yeah she was too sweet!



Saturday, February 9, 2008

Were here in Cali!

Were here! We got to california last night (very late) and the flight was great - the shuttle to our hotel was like a roller coaster ride gone very badley! The guy was doing 90 miles an hour and was flying around corners at about 75 miles an hour - thought Michelle was gonna bust a gut - she fell out of the van when we got to the hotel because she couldnt get out fast enough! [xx(][:D]And you guys thought we had bad drivers in FL! We finally got to out hotel in like 2 in the morning which was like 5a.m. florida time....Its about 9 am here and we are just chilling out. We have a few meetings today and then we are on our own. The show start tomorrow and we are pretty excited! We will check back in with you guys a little later. [:D]

Thursday, February 7, 2008

California here we come!!!!!!

YEP...It's that time again we are off to CHA in Anaheim, California! We are totally geeked up about all the new products coming out this winter. You will all be very happy when you see the new stuff we have in store for you ( you can all do the happy dance right now - we promise we wont look!) We will be posting pictures from California as we take them so keep your eyes open on the forums and our blog to see all the new sneak peaks of everything that we will be bringing back to Scrapbook Central!

The products this year have been stepped a notch or two and they are really catering to all of us scrappers (collectors...) they are coming our with new innovative products as well as all the stuff weve always loved just new and improved!

We can't wait to share all these new products with you guys so check back for updates!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tim Holtz is Coming to Scrapbook Central

We were notified on Thursday we won the Ranger contest
Designers on the road. What a huge win. This was better
than the Lottery. Tim has a such a busy schedule we are
thrilled to have won this weekend to make a dream come
true at SBC!

I just spoke with Tim Holtz. He is coming on May 31 and June 1st to teach. We are so excited and honored to have him coming to our store and hope you all are too!
We will not have the class list until March so be patient. However, once we receive the info and schedule we will send out a newsletter 1 week prior giving the time and date for online registration. Registration will be accepted online or in person in the store ONLY! No exceptions!

Tim Holtz is a Designer & Senior Educator for Ranger Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative inks, paints, and embossing products. Tim plays an integral part in the development and design of cutting edge paper crafting products. Tim has teamed up with various key companies like Advantus, Tonic Studios, and Stampers Anonymous to bring unique products that work hand in hand with Ranger’s extensive lines.
As a well known designer, Tim travels across the country and internationally to educate and introduce people to his world of ink techniques, clever projects, and so much more. His DVDs and books are filled with creative and inspiring ideas for beginner paper crafters and beyond. He truly lives his motto that creativity is an endless journey where we should always take the scenic route.
“In a world where the moments of our lives can be captured and created in art of the everyday, it’s important it reflects our own unique personality. Finding just the right objects, accents, and tools to use are most important. Whatever your artistic vision is, exploring the imaginative is a chance for our creativity to escape understanding. Remember life isn’t about finding yourself - life is about creating yourself…”

Monday, January 14, 2008

SBC 2008 Cruise and Crop

August 30 - September 6 , 20087-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise
On Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas Click Here for a Virtual Ship Tour

Leaving from Miami, Florida and sailing to Labadee, Haiti; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Maarten. Plus there are 3 Crop Days at Sea!!

Lots of Crop Time - Crop room will be open 24/7!
Goodie Bag
Prizes & Giveaways
& More!
Classes: Classes may be offered for an additional fee. More details to come.
Cabin options:1st & 2nd Passengers:Inside (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $659 per personPromenade View (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $739 per personOcean View (Deck 2): $899 per person Balcony (Decks 6, 7 or 8): $1049 per person
3rd & 4th Passengers: Not all cabin categories will hold 3rd & 4th passengers. For details and current rates, call 1-800-645-1481
Single Passengers: Call for current rates.
Croppers: add $200 for the conference participant fee.
Rates include your cruise & port charges. Government taxes and a fuel surcharge are additional at $79.87 pp. Rates are based on double occupancy, are subject to change and are based on availability. Travel Insurance is optional (Details on Travel Guard travel Insurance: Document of Coverage & Reference Guide).
Dining:Passengers have the choice between Main Dining at 6:15 p.m. or Second Dining at 8:30 p.m.
Deposit per cabin: $500
Rates are good through February 22, 2008. After this date, rates are subject to change.
Final payments will be due by June 11, 2008.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here is our new Design Team for 2008
From the left: Andrea Cloutier, LaVerne Boese, Dana Kagod, Kim Rosengarten, Tawni Hudson, Tammy Friedberg, Tara Cheung and Liz Caruso!
Congrats ladies! We are very excited about our new year together!
The Design Team got together on January 9th for their 1st official DT meeting. It was awesome! They have their 1st kits and we are excited to see what they come up with! Good luck girls!

Clearly Yours Acrylic Album Class a hit!

For our first class of the year on Wednesday, January 2nd, we started off with a full house at the clear album class taught by guest teacher, Chris.
Everyone had a great time learning the tricks to adhering items to the acrylic pages, how to make scalloped edged paper using a corner rounder and stamping with StazOn on acrylic. We even had a male scrapper in the class (Hi Jim!)!

Happy Birthday Tawni!

The girls from Scrapbook Central went out with Tawni on her birthday, December 17th. Fun was had by all!

Back row: Michelle, Tammy F & Tawni
Front row: Andrea & Tammy L