Sunday, January 31, 2010

{CHA Winter 2010 pictures}

Here is a sneak of some of the Creative Imaginations product I saw at the sneak peak party!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

{Back from CHA California}

I left for the airport last night around 8pm California time for an 11:25pm red eye flight. I usually love travelling at this time as it goes by quicker when you try to sleep. Boy, was that not the case last night. I had the luxury of sitting in the front row next to an adorable 18 mos old whose lungs were not as adorable as she was. She proceeded to scream for 4 hours straight. Then, when she finally fell asleep a very loud obnoxious woman came to the galley area by us and proceeded to have this extremely loud conversation in the wee hours and wake this child up. OMG, I was ready to kill her. Could she not hear the kid screaming the whole ride? She finally left and she slept for a while longer until the pilot came on the speaker and woke her yet again. To say the least she screamed and was still screaming at baggage claim. I really felt the embarrassment for her parents. I am lucky enough to have not had to experience my kids being unruly on a plane. I have always travelled with the little ones and car seats so they treat it as if they were in the car. Thank Goodness my kids are good car riders. To say the least I was very happy to be home. I went and picked up my kiddies and came home and began to try and get the pieces together for some blog posts with pics and slide shows etc.. You can be the judge as to how well you think they turned out. As we all know this is not my strong suit. I think I got it working. I will post another huge slide show of all the pics from CHA. I was a bad girl and did not take nearly what tammy takes. It was just me and I can multi task just not so well with the camera.
The Basic grey was just awesome. I think we will post Collection packs, card kits and page kits on the website under events for those that want to be guaranteed their goodies when they arrive. We will only post the February release for preorder right now. We will do the April after we receive the first shipment.

We also have coming the new Donna Downey kits. These are limited to 200 nationwide so don't delay or you could miss out. These are under events based on 2-28 class date. These are not classes at this time they are kits to preorder. Some are already sold out direct from Donna but if it looks like we may be selling out I can see at that time if there are more kits to be received.
Technical difficulties. We will get a seperate post completed on Donna's kits or you can see the pics on the website under events.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Cricut and Expressions Users}

Alright all you Cricut and expressions owners. Have I got a treat for you. I discovered a new product while at CHA. It is called Cricut A to Z. It is over 3 1/2 hours long.
-Over 100 Completed Projects
-Inspirational Project Galleries
-How to use your Cricut , Step-by-Step

It is a "Cricut University in your Living Room.

Over 40 easy to follow lessons

-How to make clean precise cuts every time
-How to easily cut a card and envelope
-How to use:Creative Features" on cartridges
-How to avoid guesswork
-How to use modes on Expressions and Create
-How to properly care for and maintain your Cricut
-How to get the most from your cartridger handbooks and much much more

This makes a great resource and go to guide once you have taken your Cricut classes or maybe you have not yet been able to attend one. Thsi will give you the edge you need to get the most out of your Cricut without the frustration.

We have a limited supply so call the store for your copy now. I am bringing some back with me but can get more quickly for anyone who wants it. I believe the cost is $24.99.


Monday, January 25, 2010

{Teresa Collins}

I am having a tough time with these pictures lately. Please accept my apologies with pictures I am trying to figure out how to fix it. I will make sure to give links to see pictures as well as my sad little blog ones.

I had an opportunity to speak with Teresa Collins today. We are working hard to
bring her to South Florida. We want to get some feedback from everyone first. She would teach 2 classes on Saturday and 1 class on Sunday. The classes will be $70 per class. While I know no one can committ without a date. We need at least 30 signups for each class in order to bring her in. Please send me a note sayinf whether you would be interested so we can wrap this up and get her scheduled.
We are ordering all of Teresa's new lines

Chic baby Boy

Chic Baby Girl

Mr and Mrs

Welcome Home

These do not do the lines justice but you can see complete collections at


{Day One at CHA}

Well Day one has come and gone. I got so much accomplished. It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones. I had an opportunity to spend some time with Donna Downey and Angela and Chreis from Unity Stamp. They are all such wonderful people who strive to create the most amazing things for us. They are both very excited to be cruising with us in October. I am so grateful they have decided to join us.

The products I have seen so far are just amazing. Sadly, despite the fact I own a store it is a struggle to drag out the camera and take so many pictures. I wish my Tammy was here to take all the pictures like normal. However, I have taken some. I am struggling to get them imported into something we can all see. For now I will post just a few pics.

The new Pink Paisle all I can say is OMG it is amazing.

I am not working on my normal computer and I have no real mouse so this is going to be limited. I have a windows live account with all the pictures we have taken.
Will figure out how everyone can look at those photo's and will let you know.

Back to Pink Paislee. They have 3 new lines that are just awesome. All new fun albums one of which you can decorate with their amazing new background rubons.

Bo Bunny you can see allt he pics in a blog post from last week. Just incredible. They outdid themselves again.

Have to get back to work in plannign the orders and all the upcoming classes.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

{Leavin on a Jet Plane}

Well I was able to get everything done and actually got to the airport without a hitch. Headed out to Anaheim for CHA Winter. We were delayed leaving a bit and sat on the runway before takeoff for a while. Then we had terrible head winds so the flight itself took an extra 45 minutes. Then are gate was occupied when we arrived so we sat again for half hour. By the time I arrived at the hotel it was 1:40 this morning. I was so tired but actually took the time to unpack my suitcase which i never do. I always end up living out of the suitcase. I am here by myself this time and it is really weird.
I have the preshow gatherings tonight for SEI and Creative Imaginations so will try an upload a bunch of pictures tonight. There are already a few on the blog. I will put everything up on the blog I hope.
Usually Tammy F or Susan does the uploading etc. Lets see if I can do as good a job.


Monday, January 18, 2010

(Sarah Kay Stsamps)

Ok, Ok, I know I said we were no longer going to carry acrylic stamps. I just love these and they are so awesome for using the copic markers. We are going to have to carry some select acrylic...Gotta have the Sarah Kay stamps...What we will be doing is carrying acrylic and rubber cling that lend themselves to coloring and creating beautiul cards with those amazing Copic markers that we will be getting in. Have to have a good selection to have all of our card classes we are going to schedule. Our new stamping department is going to be a dream with tons of ink and stamp choices!


{Websters Pages Sneak Peaks}

We have had a ton of requests for this fun line. They have these 4 beautiful lines and of course they have the most amazing ribbon selection as well.

There may even be a ton more posts in a day just to get all the sneaks published.

Seaside Retreat

Life's Portrait

Lullaby Lane

Garden Gala


Thursday, January 14, 2010

{OMG Bo Bunny Amazing}

2 Blog posts in one night. I did the first one and then found these so I had to come back and post again.

Bo Bunny has out did themselves this time! Wow! What fun stuff my fav is the Jazmyne. I just love the purples.


{CHA Sneak Peaks}

Creative Imaginations has some awesome new lines coming. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. It so makes me want to scrapbook. Which most know I get to do so infrequently. I am dying to go for a scrap getaway weekend.

Monkey Business


Birthday Bliss

I am going to try desperately to keep up with the sneak peaks. As always you know we will get Basic Grey. They are stingey with their sneak peaks so will probably have nothing for another week. Let's get some comments going about what you like when we post it. It sure will be a great help in deciding which lines you want us to bring in and which just do nothing for you. What type of misc embellishments do you want to see. Random things not just collections.


Monday, January 11, 2010

{Oasis of the Seas Cruise Update}Attn: Rubber Stampers

We are so over the top excited about the Cruise. There has been one change. We had confirmed Teresa Collins to join Donna along with us for the cruise. Unfortunately, it was with heavy heart and some tears that Teresa had to step aside from the cruise. As many of you know she does other cruises with another travel agency and they were not so cooperative with her doing our cruise. Despite the fact it is not the same week and as of when ours was scheduled for they did not have one that month at all. Rather than make her life hell she decided to step aside. As I told her she is worth the wait and if not this cruise we will just have to snag her for our Alaska one in summer 2011. She is very much looking forward to working with us in the future.

When one door closes another one opens. So without further adieu drum roll please.......Angela from Unity Stamp Company will be joining us on our voyage. We will have a minimum of 3 classes from Donna and 3 classes from Unity Stamp. Since they are a stamping company we are looking to have them focus on stamp classes.

The website is now up for registration for this cruise. just click either scrapbook or stamp cruises and scroll down to Cherry Blossom Studio. Please join me in giving a HUGE welcome to Angela for joining the cruise.

We do a thread on under Member Company Unity..