Saturday, September 20, 2008

How would you like to earn 20% off Reg Price purchases all the time?

You may ask what? Basically anyone joining my team by 9-26 will receive a 20%* discount on regular price purchases all the time. *The only catch is you need to maintain your monthly purchase of $100 through your own site name. This is an exciting new ecommerce business that is going to make us totally financially independant. Basically, everytime you shop online from over 600 retailers you can earn cash back on those purchases. Many stores such as Target, Walmart, HSN, Home Depot, GiftCertificates .com and many many more. You can view the complete list at and scroll through the list of retailers. Each retailer offers you cash back on your purchases. If we all recruit just 2 people to work toward this goal together and everyone meets there purchase committment from by the end of 1 year we could easily be making 15k-25k per month. Times are tough right now and I for one could certainly use extra money.
This works 2 different ways. Website owner $349-this way you just get your own website and you earn cash back on your purchases as well as anyone who shops through your website.
The other way is becoming a Broker $449 and this is where you not only earn cash back from your purchases but you earn points from those below you which turn into cash as well. The stores Design team Coordinator met some high achieving goals in her first month and scored a $4100 check. I have not been as agressive in searching for more than 2 people up till now and have earned almost $600 in my first 6 weeks with the company. That is the beauty with this. You can work as little or as much as you want over an above getting 2 people just as excited and willing to committ to their monthly purchase as you.
I know it seems confusing and yes it is a form of multi level marketing. However, the largest difference I have found is the fact that you only have to get 2 people. Most others you have to personally continue to get new people as long s you want to make money. This company is totally different. It allows you to actually help your team achieve goals. If you have you 2 people and you have a friend who joined struggling to get 2 you can help them get someone it will always help you and the points you earn all roll upward. As long as everyone is committed to their $100 monthly purchase of earth friendly green products ie: shampoo, cleaners, toilet paper , Atkins, belly bars and so many more things, we will all be sitting pretty.
However, since my store is not an online store you are unable to earn cash back from Scrapbook Central online. However, I have decided to reward those that join my team with a 20% off of regular price items all the time. As long as you have met your purchase each month. We as women can empower ourselves to achieve this goal. Most of us do some type of online shopping and especially with the holidays coming that could be tons of cash back. I myself told my family to go through my site to purchase gift cards for my middle daughter. It gave her a Giftcard and me cash back. It is a win win situation.
The steps to learn more that is the least confusing is you can go to:
click my account in the top right corner
click overview in the top right corner of this page (there is a video or you can scroll below the video and click see how it works)this will enable you to go step by step through the process to see in black and white how easy it will be to achieve this amazing income in 12 mos or less. Rich Soviero is a pinting contractor and joined the company April 9 and has made over $150k since that date. Yes, I have actually seen his bank statements.

This is a win win- you get on track to earning $1000's per month and in the meantime save 20% on your purchases. For many of yout his savings alone would pay for your fee to join as a broker.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone at 954-675-8146

This is a limited time offer good until 9-26. Remember, the sooner you join the sooner you will begin making money.

It is hard to clearly explain it all in a blog. It is the most innovative ecommerce business I have ever seen that works!
There are conference calls and webinars daily that will walk you through a presentation right online. If you are interested just email or call me and I will begin forwarding the links for them.