Saturday, June 14, 2008

Me, teach a Class? lol

Ok you can all stop laughing now. I took today off and am cleaning house and doing laundryso I can go to girls night out and not feel guilty. We are going to see Sex and the City after the store closes. Beyond that I woke up this mornign and suddenly had a thought. I seem to always get one project a year done and it always seems to be a swatch for some line of product we carry. I have gotten really good at them. I decided that would be the one thing I could facilitate and not have people leave screaming. lol I got the computer going and filled out the form needed to teach a class at the store. Yes I know, I own the place but owner or employee there are guidelines to be followed and people to be accountable to. After speaking with Andrea(the Education Director for those that do not know) I put together the form and description and off it went in an email. I have decided to start a series of classes called Swatch Mania. What this means is that in each class we will create swatch tags for a particular product. Maybe you have 3 crackle paints but you woudl get if you knew the dried color actually matched your project. Whether you have all of them and do not want to open till you need it or are looking at getting some but want to make sure you truly like the color then these classes are perfect. In the case of Crackle Paint you will leave the class with 24 tags showcasing all the colors fo crackle paint on a ring. We will repeat this same concept for Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Dabber Paint, Cats Eyes, Dew Drops, Brilliance, Ranger Pigment Ink, Adirondack Pads and more. No more buying a product only to get home and find it truly does not match. The first class will be offered July 12th. So watch the event page of the website for further details. Also, if there is a particular swatch you are looking at creating email me. I will do it by popular vote.
That was my bright idea for the weekend. I am off to feed my crew and finish with the chores.

Happy Scrapping

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Greetings from Arlington Texas

Hi All,

Andrea and I are in Arlington, Texas. We just completed are last day of the Great American Scrapbook Convention. It was a HUGE consumer show. There were tons of people. Our booth was filled to the max with Inque Boutique. They have the most amazing products at such a reasonable cost. With the help of Chris and Tammy we got through the show and are now officially exhausted. A HUGE Thank You goes out to Monica of Stamp Asylum in Texas. Her and her crew were the most amazing people. They were such a blessing to deal with. First, Monica agreed to take our gridwall and then her and her crew helped break down our booth and pack it up. The people in Texas were amazing and we look forward to coming back again next year.

Now we are done and everything is packed up to go home. We head back tomorrow night and then jump right into the next event. We have decided to attend CKC Ft Lauderdale the 20-21st of June. We will take Inque Boutique, Stampers Anonymous and Ranger. I just cannot seem to sit still and keep filling our plate with more events and functions. For now we are exhausted and sleeping in tomorrow before we have to check out of the hotel.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend with Tim!

Well the weekend has come to an end and to say the least I have never been so tired in my life. My goal of the weekend was to make Tim feel welcomed to Scrapbook Central and South Florida. We wanted to treat him to a style that is only fitting of a man of his calliber, talent and graciousness. I was also honored to meet Mario. What a down to earth guy. He was an absolute pleasure to spend time with during the trip.

We started his trip by picking him up from the airport in a stretch limo and returned to the store. The plane was a little early so we arrived at the store and began setting the room for the next days classes while we waited to begin the Meet n Greet at 6. The store was hustling with people anxious to meet the man himself. The man most of us were dying to meet and just be in the prescence of someone with such an amazing personality, creativeness and overall amazing human being. We had some T-shirts made up and Tim was signing away and chatting wth everyone throughout our time together. We still have some shirts if anyone is interested.
The limo picked us up and we went to the most amazing restaurant to eat call Chima in Ft Lauderdale. It is a Brazilian steakhouse on Las Olas. The food and atmosphere was so great. We probably all ate way to much.

I will update on the rest of the weekend later. I have had such little sleep and we leave for Texas Wed am for a show.

Night for now.