Saturday, February 9, 2008

Were here in Cali!

Were here! We got to california last night (very late) and the flight was great - the shuttle to our hotel was like a roller coaster ride gone very badley! The guy was doing 90 miles an hour and was flying around corners at about 75 miles an hour - thought Michelle was gonna bust a gut - she fell out of the van when we got to the hotel because she couldnt get out fast enough! [xx(][:D]And you guys thought we had bad drivers in FL! We finally got to out hotel in like 2 in the morning which was like 5a.m. florida time....Its about 9 am here and we are just chilling out. We have a few meetings today and then we are on our own. The show start tomorrow and we are pretty excited! We will check back in with you guys a little later. [:D]

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