Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ranger on the Road-Tim Holtz

Well ladies,
The time is almost here Tim and Mario arrive on Friday. I will pick them up and come straight to the store for our Meet N Greet. Tim is the most amazing, humble individual I have ever known. We are feverishly preparing for the visit trying to make sure we have the store set up and product all neat and tidy. On Tuesday we have 119 boxes comign from Ranger. This does not include the boxes from, Prima, Tonic and more arriving with Tims products. A newsletter went out the other day with class times and info pertaining the the store and visit. The store will open for class attendees at 8:45 so they can get seated for their 9am class. The store will open it regular time at 10am as well as 10 on Sunday. Please be patient as we only have 2 registers and will have 100's of people in the store throughout the weekend. We are going to have so much fun!

Once we get through that whirlwind weekend Andrea and I catch a plane on Wednesday for Texas and the Great American Scrapbook Convention where we have a booth filled to the brim with Inque Boutique product. Anyone who knows me I do not know how to stop or slow down. I add as much as I can to my plate. In the end it is always worth it.

On the home front I have to tell you it has been a journey of challenges lately. Most of you know my 3 children. Well Lexi the oldest was asking why we moved from our old home when she was born. We talked and I explained we wanted to have more children etc. She asked why we did Not just have 2 children. I replied because then we would not have Kennedy. She politely and straight faced replied why can't we just get rid of Carrington. Lexi and Carrington although 22 mos apart are like oil and water. Lexi believes she was meant to be an only child. Bless her heart. I am sure it will get better as they get older. It amazes me some of the things the kids say.

Kennedy was picked up from school Friday and was located in of all places the Principals office. My docile sweet little boy who is only 2 and a half and only recently started talking told his teacher to shut up. Now anyone who knows me well knows in our home this is a bad word and is Never spoken. How might you ask did he learn such a word. School. Amazing what comes back to bite them in the butt.

I am off 3 whole days since we are closed Monday for Memorial Day I am relaxing. Kids are all going to visit grandma tomorrow and Steve and I are spending the afternoon and evening at home relaxing alone. I am so looking forward to that. Well enough on my oh so boring life. Will chat more later in the week.