Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well we are back from CHA in Cali! We survived the VERY long flight back from Cali - even with the child who was 2 rows behind us making this squealing noise almost the ENTIRE flight! Oh...did I mention that the flight was 5 hours...yeah were tired!

So in a nut shell our week went a little like this...

We arrived Friday the 8th at about 10:45 p.m. Cali time. We checked into our hotel and pretty much called it a night.....we needed much rest after our nightmare shuttle bus ride that we posted about earlier....

Saturday we got up had a great breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel they had a really great buffet...we enjoyed the quite relaxing breakfast without kids! Then it was off to preview parties for a few companies...our 1st stop was Fiskars/Heidi Grace/Cloud 9 - there stuff was really great this year - I think you all will totally love it! After that our next stop was Creative Imaginations - They rock. We were lovin' all their stuff this year. They have some really kickin' bare elements stuff this year - I am totally lovin' this stuff! There paper lines were just as great - Everyone is gonna love the Tide Pools line....very cool.

Our last stop for the night was SEI - cute cute cute stuff! There baby lines Chicka-Dee and Chicka-Doo are AWESOME!!!!! This has to be the cutest line I have to dig out all of the baby pics and use this line! Yeah like I dont have enough current pics! And they have a new line coming out (I dont think its available until May) but its's called Poppy! If you liked Jolie Chocolat - this will be right up your alley!

And the Sunday it stated...CHA began...we got giddy just pulling up to the front of the convention center and seeing the big huge CHA sign. Then we jumped in with both feet......booth after booth of amazing new stuff....making out hearts go a pitter patter! Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Inque Boutique, Fancy Pants.....and more. And we continued this for 4 days straight!

But what a great fun, inspiring week! It's always so amazing to see all the awesome layouts and projects that have been created for CHA! They just rock! You come away from the show wanting to be just like them and create wonderful pieces of art! That being said I think you all will be pretty pleased with the wonderful products that we will be bringing into the store...I know I am!

Weve been posting pics for you all to check out to get an idea of what we will soon have. Over the next few days we will post more pics - we took 614 all together! Wowza! That was alot of pics...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We met Tim!

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Yep...we met him....super nice. And we got a chance to chit chat about his upcoming visit to Scrapbook Central!!!!!!!!! What a nice guy and a super uber creative! He has a boat load of awesome classes in store for us in May. So keep your eyes open for when the classes get posted. Here are some pics of our new bud Tim!
The weather here in Cali is spectacular.... Its so nice without the humidity. The nights are a bit chilly -but nice.

So weve been making the trek through CHA and the products are amazing as usual. They have really stepped up the plate this season and come out with great stuff. They've also come out with ALOT of boy lines. We were totally lovin' that. And the boy lines are fun and fresh.

Weve seemed to finally have found a couple of wedding lines to bring in and a few new doggie lines. And TONS of new boy/girl baby lines. It seems that all the companies have come out with super cute new baby lines. SEI's new baby line Chicka Dee and Chicka Doo are so stinkin' cute...I think that may have been our favorite.

Amongst all the CHA shopping weve done we had the pleasure of meeting Ali Edwards - Ok everything you've heard is true....She's great, sweet, friendly and SOOOOOO easy to talk with. Andrea was kind enough to introduce us and we chatted for a few minutes and took some pics. Yeah she was too sweet!



Saturday, February 9, 2008

Were here in Cali!

Were here! We got to california last night (very late) and the flight was great - the shuttle to our hotel was like a roller coaster ride gone very badley! The guy was doing 90 miles an hour and was flying around corners at about 75 miles an hour - thought Michelle was gonna bust a gut - she fell out of the van when we got to the hotel because she couldnt get out fast enough! [xx(][:D]And you guys thought we had bad drivers in FL! We finally got to out hotel in like 2 in the morning which was like 5a.m. florida time....Its about 9 am here and we are just chilling out. We have a few meetings today and then we are on our own. The show start tomorrow and we are pretty excited! We will check back in with you guys a little later. [:D]

Thursday, February 7, 2008

California here we come!!!!!!

YEP...It's that time again we are off to CHA in Anaheim, California! We are totally geeked up about all the new products coming out this winter. You will all be very happy when you see the new stuff we have in store for you ( you can all do the happy dance right now - we promise we wont look!) We will be posting pictures from California as we take them so keep your eyes open on the forums and our blog to see all the new sneak peaks of everything that we will be bringing back to Scrapbook Central!

The products this year have been stepped a notch or two and they are really catering to all of us scrappers (collectors...) they are coming our with new innovative products as well as all the stuff weve always loved just new and improved!

We can't wait to share all these new products with you guys so check back for updates!