Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The weather here in Cali is spectacular.... Its so nice without the humidity. The nights are a bit chilly -but nice.

So weve been making the trek through CHA and the products are amazing as usual. They have really stepped up the plate this season and come out with great stuff. They've also come out with ALOT of boy lines. We were totally lovin' that. And the boy lines are fun and fresh.

Weve seemed to finally have found a couple of wedding lines to bring in and a few new doggie lines. And TONS of new boy/girl baby lines. It seems that all the companies have come out with super cute new baby lines. SEI's new baby line Chicka Dee and Chicka Doo are so stinkin' cute...I think that may have been our favorite.

Amongst all the CHA shopping weve done we had the pleasure of meeting Ali Edwards - Ok everything you've heard is true....She's great, sweet, friendly and SOOOOOO easy to talk with. Andrea was kind enough to introduce us and we chatted for a few minutes and took some pics. Yeah she was too sweet!



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Alexandra said...

Such cool pictures.... It is so cool that she is so down to earth.