Saturday, January 23, 2010

{Leavin on a Jet Plane}

Well I was able to get everything done and actually got to the airport without a hitch. Headed out to Anaheim for CHA Winter. We were delayed leaving a bit and sat on the runway before takeoff for a while. Then we had terrible head winds so the flight itself took an extra 45 minutes. Then are gate was occupied when we arrived so we sat again for half hour. By the time I arrived at the hotel it was 1:40 this morning. I was so tired but actually took the time to unpack my suitcase which i never do. I always end up living out of the suitcase. I am here by myself this time and it is really weird.
I have the preshow gatherings tonight for SEI and Creative Imaginations so will try an upload a bunch of pictures tonight. There are already a few on the blog. I will put everything up on the blog I hope.
Usually Tammy F or Susan does the uploading etc. Lets see if I can do as good a job.


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