Thursday, January 28, 2010

{Back from CHA California}

I left for the airport last night around 8pm California time for an 11:25pm red eye flight. I usually love travelling at this time as it goes by quicker when you try to sleep. Boy, was that not the case last night. I had the luxury of sitting in the front row next to an adorable 18 mos old whose lungs were not as adorable as she was. She proceeded to scream for 4 hours straight. Then, when she finally fell asleep a very loud obnoxious woman came to the galley area by us and proceeded to have this extremely loud conversation in the wee hours and wake this child up. OMG, I was ready to kill her. Could she not hear the kid screaming the whole ride? She finally left and she slept for a while longer until the pilot came on the speaker and woke her yet again. To say the least she screamed and was still screaming at baggage claim. I really felt the embarrassment for her parents. I am lucky enough to have not had to experience my kids being unruly on a plane. I have always travelled with the little ones and car seats so they treat it as if they were in the car. Thank Goodness my kids are good car riders. To say the least I was very happy to be home. I went and picked up my kiddies and came home and began to try and get the pieces together for some blog posts with pics and slide shows etc.. You can be the judge as to how well you think they turned out. As we all know this is not my strong suit. I think I got it working. I will post another huge slide show of all the pics from CHA. I was a bad girl and did not take nearly what tammy takes. It was just me and I can multi task just not so well with the camera.
The Basic grey was just awesome. I think we will post Collection packs, card kits and page kits on the website under events for those that want to be guaranteed their goodies when they arrive. We will only post the February release for preorder right now. We will do the April after we receive the first shipment.

We also have coming the new Donna Downey kits. These are limited to 200 nationwide so don't delay or you could miss out. These are under events based on 2-28 class date. These are not classes at this time they are kits to preorder. Some are already sold out direct from Donna but if it looks like we may be selling out I can see at that time if there are more kits to be received.
Technical difficulties. We will get a seperate post completed on Donna's kits or you can see the pics on the website under events.


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Tammy said...

I think you did a GREAT job! Can't wait to see everything in person! :)