Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{Copic Color Club Coming Soon}

This is in the beginning planning stages. However, we have had a HUGE number of requests on how someone can start collecting the Copic's in a fashion that helps them decide the colors they should buy each time. Basically, each month we will provide a color list for that month. Then by the fifth of each month you will signup for the club and provide color changes if needed.( please understand all colors in the set will be used in the mini class so do not swap a color if you do not have one) You will need the colors in each monthly set. The club will meet the same day and time each month so you have the ability to plan. Each club meeting will be approximately an hour and a half.
We are still working out some of the details. You will get the mini class FREE each month when you pay for that months set of markers. The MSRP set by the manufacturer is $6.49. We will be offering a discount on the monthly set of markers by offering the 10 markers each month at $55.17 which is includes a 15% discount.

Watch for further details as we are hoping to start this program March 1st.

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