Thursday, February 4, 2010

{350 Project-Found this on Heidi Swapp's Facebook}

I found this on Heidi Swapp's Facebook page and tught it was pretty cool. I thought I would share it woth everyone. This can apply to any business not just scrapbooking.

Website:http://the350project.netCompany Overview:Welcome to the official Facebook home of The 350 Project!

The 3/50 Project supports independent, locally owned businesses by inspiring consumer loyalty to the storefronts that directly fund their communities.

Think of three businesses you'd miss if they went away. Stop in. Say hello. Pick up a little something that makes you smile. That's what keeps them around, after all.

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.

For more information, please visit

Mission:• To promote and strengthen brick and mortar businesses owned by people in the community

• To thank consumers for their patronage

• To expand local revenue streams by showing how a small dollar amount can translate into enormous financial stability

• To shine a light on the stark contrast between what a locally owned brick and mortar business contributes to the local economy and the paltry amount big boxes, franchises, chains, and internet purchases make

• To save the local economy...three stores at a timeProducts:***Note***
Please do not use The 3/50 Project Facebook page to advertise products/services OR to promote companies to our participants. Posts that do so will be removed at our discretion, since The 3/50 Project is not intended to be a vehicle for third party advertising. Thank you!

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