Monday, March 1, 2010

{Sad News-Beloved Kokuyo is going away again}

I have received an email from Kokuyo Japan advising due to confidential reasons they will no longer be selling even the Japanese version of the adhesive to the US effective immediately. Of course I found out because we were restocking our order from less than 2 weeks ago. Effective immediately the Kokuyo we have in stock is all we will have. I am so sad. We were on top of the world when after almost 3 months we were hooked up again through Japan. I feel like we are in mourning. I know it is just adhesive. We already have a hookup with another adhesive once Kokuyo is gone. We have a shipment arriving next week of the new stuff. It is called Sticky Thumb, it has 24 feet of adhesive and is very permanent. They are curretnly working on mfg refills so for the time being it is not refillable. However, it is only $2.50 MSRP. It is so strong a little goes a very long way. We will update you when it comes in next week.
PS: we may have the new Basic Grey as early as Friday! WooHoo

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