Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{New Basic Grey and other GREAT information}

Hello all,

We hope your fall is turning out to be a great one. Cherry Blossom Studio would like to remind you that we have room left for the photography class for today. Call the store if you are interested.

Basic Grey NOOK AND PANTRY coming FRIDAY!!!
We will be receiving the Basic Grey Nook and Pantry line on Friday afternoon sometime. As always I have no idea exactly what time UPS will be here but it is already in the computer and ready to go! We are open till 9pm on Friday. Hurry in for the best selection.

Kokuyo Preorder

We will begin taking preorders on the Japanese version of Kokuyo. What I mean by that is their version is in Japanese packaging and is in meters vs. feet. Both the Dot N Liner regular and long contain more feet per machine and refill than the original US version. The initial order requires prepayment upon order. They are requiring a LARGE initial order. Here is a breakdown comparison chart between the US and Japanese versions:

US Version: Japanese Version you will get:
Dot n Roller Machine Dot n Line Machine
43 ft. - $5.99 52 ft. - $7.75
Refill 43 ft. - $4.49 Refill 52 ft. - $6.25

Tape n Roller Plus Tape n Roller Power
32 ft. - $9.99 32 ft. - $9.99
Refill 32 ft. - $5.99 Refill - $5.99

Dot n Roller LONG Machine
85 ft. - $11.99
Refill 85 ft. - $9.00

While the long is more expensive for the machine it also contains almost double the original US version. It is contained in a machine that looks just like the Tape N Roller Plus. I cannot guarantee the new versions will fit in the old US machines until I actually get them here and can try them. You can see the Long Refill is 32ft longer and only $2.75 more than the 52 feet version for the refill. It is more cost effective to go to the newer machine. We will take initial orders until Monday October 12th. At that time we will determine if there was enough interest to order. You will not be charged till the order is placed. The shipping time depending on stock can take as much has 4-6 weeks due to shipping from Japan. Please email your requests so we have it in writing and make sure to include a phone number so we can call for credit card when the time comes.

Upcoming Crop:
October 16th - 3 day crop
Remember while cropping you will get 20% off your purchases.

Upcoming Classes:
Smile 9x9 Chipboard Album - Lara Greenwood - October 8th from 6-9pm the cost is $55

Haunted House Chipboard Book - Idette Chinlund - October 10th from 1-5pm the cost is $45

Great Impressions Class - Doyle - October 11th at 1pm, October 15th at 10:30am, October 15th at 6pm, and October 29th at 10:30am.

Basic Grey Eerie Card Class - Andrea Cloutier - October 12th from 7-9pm the cost is $25

Check the website for more classes and times.

You may sign up online for all classes or call the store. We hope to see you soon!


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