Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Kokuyo Shipping Soon}

As mentioned previously I have spent some time arranging to begin receiving Kokuyo adhesive again. I was notified today that my shipment they are hoping will go out on August 16th. We will be receiving the Red Dotliner Power which contains 32ft of adhesive previously sold for $6-6.99 we will have machine $15.45 and refills $9.01. Unfortunately, with getting them from outside the country vs. a local distributor makes the pricing different. However, the Dotliner blue we will be receiving in the same style machine as the red but it contains 118ft of adhesive for $11.58. That gives you 22 feet more adhesive than the Scotch or about .42 cents cheaper. We will ship anywhere in the United States and will have it available for online ordering in the near future. We just wanted to get our initial order placed and received before we began complete advertising and online ordering. Almost the entire first order has been spoken for. However, we do have some that will be available. If you want to be guranteed some from the first order just call or email and we will hold and notify when it ships. This is the point in which we will call for credit cards so as soon as the product arrives you will be charged and your order shipped immediatey.
Make your friends jealous and be the first to get the beloved Kokuyo back into your scrapping and cardmaking tools stash!

You can also call the store 954-247-0020 for any questions.

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