Sunday, August 29, 2010

{Garage Sale}

Wow, what an Amazing day we had yesterday. The Garage sale began from 9-11 with vendors setting their goodies out. By 11am we had a line of about 50 people waiting to get in the crop room to begin shopping. Shortly thereafter we had in upwards of 150 people in the crop room. It was crazy insane. We ended up with over 300 people shopping throughout the day. It was just a crazy , fun, exciting mad house. Cleaning up the room afterwards was not so much fun. I could not believe the mess. It was obvious one person sold a ton as we had about 8 boxes left behind. We also found empties in the kitchen hidden behind a curtain. It became obvious more than one person sold like crazy. Shoppers were thrilled with there finds.

Tons of ladies came up and told me they sold over $500 worth of stuff in the 4 hours. Considering most items were under $5 that is just "WOW". Everyone is asking when will we do it again. They want us to do one in December. We already have one planned the day before Easter as that has always been our signature date we do and usually have the biggest response for some reason. However, if we get enough emails and calls to do one in December we certainly will. If you want another in December let me know.

Again, thanks to everyone that participated. Our next Vendor event is for consultants and those selling new items such as jewelry, tupperware, makeup and more. We are still looking for consultants from Discovery Toys, Silpada and more. This will be held October 23 from 11-3. This is the event we have been advertising to get consultants that sell new items including those who have to take orders. What a great way to start the Holiday Shopping. Call if you have any interest. 954-247-0020


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