Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{New Products Galore-Basic Grey-Websters Pages}

We are very excited to share all the new goodies that will be arriving Friday. Just in time for our April 3 day cropathon. We have been making alot of changes to the physical appearance to the store the last 30 days or so. We are making lots of homey cosmetic changes that we think people will find very pleasing. We have added a beautiful sitting area and are back to moving the store around regularly. So do not be surprised if you come in and find your favorite line moved. I have always loved moving my furniture around and since I can no longer do that I am having a lot of fun moving the store around. Ashley may not find it appealing as she is the one that gets stuck doing it or helping do it. I think she secretly has as much fun doing it as I do.
Onto the reason for this particular post the new lines arriving on Friday are:

Basic Grey- Capella, Max and Whiskers, The Basics
Our shipment went out yesterday and will arrive on Friday.

Websters Pages- Lullaby Lane, Garden Gala, Seaside Retreat and Life's Portrait
Our shipment went out today and will arrive Friday

The delay with Websters has been that we wanted the lines to ship complete with all embellishments. As of today they were still doing all the packaging from the embellies they just received.

Queen and Co- Magic

We have been waiting for a fun new Disney line and now we have it. There is 6 double sided papers as well as 37 embellishments. You read it right 37 embellishments. You will not be at a loss for pages with this line.


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