Thursday, December 17, 2009

{Exciting Cruise Info}

All I can say is how excited I am. I have just received confirmation from Royal Caribbean of our 2010 cruise. We will be sailing on the brand new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas.

The even better news is I am finalizing details to have both Donna Downey and Teresa Collins join us on the cruise. The cruise will be what we are calling classes and cruising. This way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. This is the Largest ship in the World and many may be torn at what to do? crop or experience the ship. The way planned it you get to do both. You get to take some amazing classes from 2 of the most talented ladies in the industry and experience all the luxury's of first class cruising. All classes will be held during at sea days. They are all included in the rate that is being calculated. You will be more than welcome to scrapbook or stamp any other time of the cruise if you choose. There will not be page layout contests or stamping contests just good ole fashion getting stuff done if that is what you elect to do in your spare time. Basically you get to take some amazing classes and enjoy all the amenities of a luxuy cruise liner. They have a top notch kids club including a new baby and toddler nursery(not sure of pricing on that). There is something to do for kids of all ages including the grown kid you may be married to inlcuding a state of the art casino, fitness center, spa and more...

We have a website you can go to register. You will have cabin options as normal to choose from just please note because this is a brand new ship it is very popular and once it is sold out we have no way of adding additional cabins to our group. My recommendation is get your deposit in and pay a little each month until the balance is due 70 days prior to sailing.

Watch for more details including website address for registration as well as class info.

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Elizabeth said...

this is sooo awesome! where can we see dates and where is the website to register? thanks!